Business Plan

IA Agro can help your business develop a solid Business Plan including investment size estimation, production costs, and sales forecasts according to the selected yield

Equipment Qualification

Assistance in the equipment procurement process, to select models that comply with the European Quality Standards, and equipment Qualification from IA Agro's partners network

Operation Consulting

One stop consulting services from project start up to finished product sales. IA Agro offers a wide variety of consulting services to ensure the optimal operation of your facility

Personnel Training

IA Agro offers high quality training in the Cultivation, Management, and Quality Assurance aspects of a pharmaceutical cannabis facility, through online or on-site seminars and workshops

Cultivation Plan

Working closely with your facility's agronomists, IA Agro can help you develop a Daily Cultivation Schedule, to ensure the proper growth of your cannabis plants, thus maximising your profit​

Licensing & Certification

IA Agro can prepare your facility to apply for EU GACP and EU GMP certification. Using our proven expertise, we offer a complete list of services that can help you conform with the European Quality Standards

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