Pharmaceutical Cannabis

In order to ensure appropriate and consistent quality of medicinal plant/herbal substances it is necessary to establish good agricultural and collection practice for herbal starting materials (GACP). Under the overall context of quality assurance and control of herbal medicines, several guidelines on Good Agricultural and Collection Practices have been developed from agencies such as the World Health Organisation (WHO), the European Medicines Agency, and others. These guidelines concern the cultivation and collection of medicinal plants and include certain post-harvest operations.

GACP management system is the first step in quality assurance, on which the safety and efficacy of herbal medicinal products directly depend. A GACP certificate is also mandatory and required for the Pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), as described in Annex 7 of the European Pharmacopeia. These practices also play an important role in the protection natural resources of medicinal plants for sustainable use.

IA Agro has proven excellence in preparing all necessary documentation, as well as in providing training and consulting to facilities that are willing to apply for a GACP certification audit. Through the innovative GACP Management system IA Agro shares a common a repository with each client for file keeping, revisioning, and reviewing, allowing for a more precise and solid establishment of a GACP system.

You can download the EMEA and WHO guidelines using the following links:

European Medicines Agency (EMEA) GACP Guidelines

World Health Organization (WHO) GACP Guidelines

European Herb Growers Association (EUROPAM) GACP Guidelines


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