More than 50 completed projects in Agriculture
Pharmaceutical Cannabis
More than 25 active contracts with Pharmaceutical Cannabis Facilities
Current active projects in more than 5 countries
GMP Certificates
More than 3 successfully delivered GMP certificates specific to pharmaceutical cannabis
GACP Certificates
More than 10 successfully delivered GACP certificates specific to pharmaceutical cannabis
R&D Projects
More than 3 ongoing projects related to Research & Development on the field of Agriculture

Latest News

13-16 JUN

Our team has visited GreenTech 2022 expo in Amsterdam. We had the chance to meet and discuss ideas with existing and new partners and get updates on the latest trends of the Agricultural sector. A very inspirational and motivating trip.

28-29 JUN

Cannabis Europa delivers cutting-edge knowledge from senior government officials, leading scientific experts and some of the most influential businesses in the industry.IA Agro will travel to London to participate in the conference where we will have the chance to discuss in depth the future of the cannbais market in Europe.

19-20 JUL

Offering world-class industry networking and investment/capital opportunities, the International Cannabis Business Conference has been attended by executives, entrepreneurs and policymakers from over 80 nations. A truly exceptional B2B session and a great opportunity for our team to get involved in discussions and form partnerships further expandind our scope of expertise.

Some of our Partners